The Role Of Research On The Field Of Education

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Abstract The purpose of this paper is to identify the role that research has in the field of education and to clarify how research is used by education stakeholders. This paper refers to ten articles in order to provide rationale for the thesis that education is influenced at all hierarchical levels by research, although it is used differently by each level based on the desired outcome and the requirements of each level’s particular stakeholders. Two categories of research are explored in this paper: traditional and action research. Traditional research is generally assumed to be conducted by a researcher who controls all aspects of the research study, from the formation of a research question to the presentation of findings. This…show more content…
If all parties work in symbiosis with the shared goal of creating and supporting a system that grants students the highest quality of education possible, then certainly research plays an integral part in that. The Role of Research in Education Before exploring the role of research in education, however, the nature and objective of education must be defined. Education is not so much an institution working in a vacuum as it is a complex machine made up of a huge number of parts, all of which work in concert toward achieving a common purpose: graduating students into the world who are equipped to participate as productive members of society. Within the framework of education there exists a multitude of stakeholders who are influenced by their own agendas and expectations and who have their own part to play in the success or failure of the education system. Given all that to be true, research is a diagnostic tool that can be used by stakeholders to identify and remedy shortcomings within the educational system and also to seek out ways of improving and refining existing processes. Literature Review Research and the Educational Hierarchy Rinaldo (2005) describes the role of research in this way: Research provides us with a variety of perspectives from which to see things and find a way of empirically analyzing our findings. It enables us to see from where we have come, provides us with a description of where we are now and gives us some
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