The Role Of Research On The Field Of Education

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The purpose of this paper is to identify the role that research has in the field of education and to clarify how research is used by education stakeholders. This paper refers to ten articles in order to provide rationale for the thesis that education is influenced at all hierarchical levels by research, although it is used differently by each level based on the desired outcome and the requirements of each level’s particular stakeholders. Two categories of research are explored in this paper: traditional and action research. Traditional research is generally assumed to be conducted by a researcher who controls all aspects of the research study, from the formation of a research question to the presentation of findings. This type of research is removed from the application of said research. Action research is more focused in that it involves the practitioner (i.e. teachers and teacher leaders) in the entire research process and the findings are used immediately to influence change. Keywords: action research, practitioner-as-researcher, stakeholder perspective Research, Education, and Stakeholder Perspectives:
An Examination of the Application of Research in the Field of Education When a person is sick, they go to a doctor who will diagnose their condition and provide them with a treatment plan to help them get better. But what about people who are not sick? Is there a way ensure that people who do not exhibit any symptoms of illness might still benefit…
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