The Role Of Roman Influence On Western Culture And Civilization

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There are amazing moments in history we take for granted because we lack the understanding of their significance. Roman influences have a dominating presence on western culture and civilization. To subtract these influences from our ethos would leave a cavernous hole in our western identities. However, Rome had to fight for it’s power and position; often against impressive rivals. One of the most noteworthy battles fought by the Romans are the Punic wars, a series of three battles that span roughly between 264 B.C.E and 146 B.C.E. Their adversaries known as the Carthaginians were an advanced maritime civilization situated in Northwest Africa and the West Mediterranean. Some might believe that the Carthaginians were no match for Romans, whereas others may argue that a few missteps led to their defeat. Through analysis and evaluation it’s quite evident that these battles were fought intelligently, as we learn about the strategies and technologies employed during these epic battles. Examples include engineering large battle vessels (Quinquereme) for naval warfare, Fabian tactics, and the use of elephants in battle, just to name a few. In order to understand the origins of the Punic Wars we must take a closer look at the feuding cultures. At one point Rome and Carthage were both flourishing world powers. Unfortunately, this expansion led to conflict in the form of dueling egos exercising power and authority. Carthage started out with humble beginnings, with Phoenician
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