The Role Of Russian Government

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In today’s society, countries in the world are expected to provide support and freedom to residing citizens. Democratic governance plays a strong hand in citizen representation, and is necessary for citizens to have a voice in their government. While some countries have a smooth operating system, many still do not. The country of Russia is under very strict control by current President, Vladimir Putin. Many citizens of Russia want change, however, their efforts are muted by government officials. With lack of transparency and accountability, Russian citizens are unaware of what is actually happening in the government. Russian citizens have few individual rights that are upheld by the constitution. While the country has worked hard to move…show more content…
Government actions are often secretive, canceling out the idea of transparency for citizens. Often times, positions of power or wealth in Russia have the ability to hide fraud in the system from citizens. (Kasparov, Garry, 2007). Citizen’s do not have the option to challenge unfair governmental practices or have information provided of governmental proceedings. This reduces the amount information citizens see and know about within the government.
While individual rights in Russia are outlined in the constitution, often times these rights are not protected. Citizens have the ability of freedom of religion, which is one freedom stated in the constitution they do have. Other freedoms, such as: same sex marriage, or gender discrimination are not stated. There are currently no laws supporting or denying same sex marriage in Russia. Homosexuals can openly serve in the military, however, it is illegal for them to wed. Women in Russia are subject to domestic violence, sexual harassment, and rape with minimal chance of prosecution for the accused. Women struggle finding jobs in Russia, with the fear their presence will be lacking in the home. (Beschastna, Tatyana). The information provided allows the inference to be made that individual rights are minimally or not at all protected. While citizens are allowed certain liberties in the constitution, often times these laws are not upheld. Individuals
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