The Role Of Russian Literature : The Pinnacle Of The World Of Humanity

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The role of Russian literature is very difficult to interpret. This multifaceted role as literature itself. Gorky wrote "Our literature - our pride. The pinnacle of the world of humanity" - called Russian literature. Classical Russian literature - is a model for many people. All the same, Maxim Gorky wrote: "Giant Pushkin - the greatest pride in our and most complete expression of the spiritual forces of Russia, and merciless to yourself and others Gogol, yearning Lermontov, sad Turgenev, wrathful Nekrasov, the great rebel Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, magician of language Ostrovsky - are not similar to each other, as it can be with us Rus ', and we add that they are our prophets, teachers, the conscience of the nation.” To their creativity, to the creation of other Russian writers person turns his entire life: looking for answers to their questions about the soul, understanding the science of human relations, gender, learning to live. Great writers such as Dostoyevsky, Leo Tolstoy, Anton Chekhov used psychology to connect to the readers. On the example of their literary characters, we understand what is good and evil, which helps a person to develop and move on in their lives. We understand what a temptation that leads to moral degradation of man. Reading their works, we learn to make the right choices in life, to understand people and himself, to objectively assess the world around us. About Turgenev, Belinsky wrote that he is a writer, in whose soul "all sorrow and

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