The Role Of Science And Science Of Science Essay

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As part of that you will see load management, you will see more traditional energy efficiency program, such as rebates on air conditioners and lighting programs. All of our utilities that are subject to this act, are require to have energy audit programs for their residential customers. So, the Commission reviews those programs as well.

Cayce: You mentioned policy, what Judy describe is essentially the policy that the legislature enacted in 1980 and has amended a few times through the years, and the Commission has implemented it. Florida legislature meets annually, for two months, typically in the spring, and from that two month process, which is formal sessions leading up to it, that is where a policy is determined.

Our role has traditionally been to provide information as requested, advise, but to stay neutral on efficacy. So, that is the Commissions role. Commission implements policy. Commission provides expertise when asked, given our experience, but we do not advocate as an agency.

Interviewer: So, the role of science and of scientist in the policy making process in Florida, can you talk a little bit about that?

Mark: In development of policy in legislature they are influenced by a whole host of sources. It’s an open process, we have a department of environmental protection, and I don’t know if you have talked to them yet.

Interviewer: We met with Preston Mclain and Justin Green a couple of days ago.

Mark: Those guys are good, top notch folks that advise on
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