The Role Of Scientific Background On Managerial Work

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Several writers and economists have provided a historical background to managerial work’s definition by conducting research in a variety of methods. In other words, nowadays the nature of managerial work can be described as a set of roles with specific functions in order to effectively and efficiently achieve goals. These details will be discussed in the following parts by providing a critical analysis of the studies on managerial work. In addition, the essay will cover the research methods used by Fayol, Mintzberg, Kanter, Gronn, and others, and criticisms to identify and evaluate merits and demerits. There are numerous factors that may influence the future of research on managerial work, but this paper will define the role and an impact…show more content…
For instance, Mintzberg (1973) claims that the Fayol’s management model has nothing in common with the reality of managerial work. Thus, relying on own observation of five senior managers, he concludes that managers would get some responsibilities and behaviours that will need to be adhered to with the type of management they are doing or for the type of organisation that they are working for, (Mintzberg, 1971; Fells, 2000). However, the main point of debates is the fact that the classical management theory outlined only general principles and provided a framework of what is the nature of managerial work. Fayol’s work is also regarded as being one of the first to be written down about manager’s roles based on observation research method. So as he was the first there is always a chance that he could be wrong, or this could be because times change, and this is apparent when trying to compare the classical approach to Mintzberg’s systems approach. Although Fayol’s classical approach was not really a tested solution so lacked any evidence, whereas another approach has been tested and can therefore be backed up by evidence to make it a more solid argument. In this case, the point is that the future studies could be more informative and
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