The Role Of Seljuks In Islamic Art

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The Seljuks began as nomadic Turkic tribes who raised cattle on the lands of the Ghazvanids by their permission. However, the tribes began to move into Khorsan, leading to battle with the Ghazvanids, in which the Seljuks triumphed. These Seljuks were converts to the Sunni sect of Islam, but clamed to protect the Abbasid rule. Iran benefited heavily from the Seljuk rule, as it was during this time where Iranian art distinguished itself from “Arts of the Islamic World”. The most important cities under this dynasty were Nishappur, Isfahan, and Ray.

The most prominent elements used by the Seljuks, in relevance to Islamic art, were the use of bronze( or brass), in addition to copper, silver, and gold. Fritware was also used, as it was an attempt to mimic the Chinese form of porcelain pottery.
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For example, the ceramic plate I chose contains Persian inscriptions, rather than Arabic. The most common elements used by the Seljuks were luster, polychrome painting, silver and gold decorations, and Frit ware.
Unfortunately, the Seljuk Dynasty did not last long. The reason was that it had a major problem in that it did not have a united rule, but rather a partitioned rule amongst family members. This gave the Seljuk dynasty vulnerability and is what eventually lead to its downfall. First, Oghuz nomads refused to be under the control of the empire and revolted. Finally, the Khwarazm Shahs ended this dynasty in 1194 by killing the last Seljuk sultan. This paved the way for Mongol rule to take
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