The Role Of Separation Of Powers In The United States

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In 1787, the founding fathers of our great nation developed the Constitution. The Constitution was not only a document, but a new beginning for our nation. By introducing a completely new ruling document for the United States of America, many different opinions arose. To establish widespread support of the Constitution, many provisions such as the separation of powers were included to limit the power of the central government. Separation of powers is a fundamental element of our nation that was introduced by the philosopher, Montesquieu. The element of separation of powers is embodied in the Constitution within Articles I, II, and III by establishing three branches of government. The three branches are supposed to act independently of one another…show more content…
Through this process, it prevents the branches of the federal government from becoming too powerful. As James Madison states, “…you must first enable government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself” (Madison, Federalist Paper No. 51). Many Americans feared that a strong central government would lead to a tyranny similar to King Charles III of England that they had recently abandoned. Through limiting the power of the central government, it places more power in the hands of individuals. Individuals vote and elect government officials that serve their constituents without abusing their power. If an elected government official is over extending their power, the other branches can utilize their right to restrain the power of that specific branch. For instance, the judicial branch can constrain the other branches through the process of judicial review; the process used by the Supreme Court to determine whether or not a piece of legislation is constitutional or not. By including this element, our government is more capable of maintaining a balanced government that does not become too
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