The Role Of Service For Service Delivery

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1. Introduction
In golden age of classical economy, William Baumol, an American economist described services as “cost disease” (Baumol, 1991) because at that time, service industry with low profit margin was seen as abstract performing art which heavily rely on human interaction. As time goes by, service industry is continuously growing and flourishing, people start to recognize the importance of service. Employees’ and customers’ roles in service delivery also become the center of management concern. The paper concentrates on analysing service delivery, in particular, employees’ and customers’ roles in Telstra and provides precise solutions for the company. 1.1. Company Overview
Telstra was a public company originally founded by Commonwealth Government in 1901. Now, the company is fully privatized and managed by its current CEO, David Thodey. (Wiki, 2014) Telstra is Australia’s foremost telecommunications and information services company, offering various telecommunication products and services across fixed line and mobile telephony, internet protocol network and pay television to individuals, businesses, government organizations and communities in Australia and internationally.(Bloomberg, 2014) In 2013, Telstra 's got the highest revenue in the telecommunication market which was $25.5 billion(Telstra, 2014), in comparison, Optus ' was $8.9 billion (Growing EBITDA while transforming the business, 2013) and Vodafone 's was $1.7 billion (Taylor, J, 2013). Telstra set…
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