The Role Of Sexism In Human Behavior

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Many humans have similar behavior when it regards to how they react to certain situations, while some relate to sexism, others are considered racism. Racism is prejudice towards people of certain races, and similarly, sexism is prejudice towards people of a specific gender or sex. In the first WWYD video, when three different people act as if each of them are stealing a bike, racism and sexism are exhibited. With the first actor, the white male, two percent of the people who pass by stop and confront him. The second actor, the black male, one hundred percent of the park goers stop to confirm that he is not stealing the bike, and many even call the police. The third actor, the pretty girl, multiple men stop and offer to help the girl despite when she admits that she is indeed stealing the bike. The difference between the men is proof of racism because of how differently the two are responded to, and the woman's is considered sexism because the people believe the "pretty girl" is helpless.…show more content…
In the second WWYD video, a woman is seen treating her child as though she is a dog, and few people respond to this until a social worker begins yelling at the women because it was not right. When the woman treats her dog more like a child than her actual children, another woman intervened and said, "It was just my duty to get involved," which is a very bias statement. Bias is prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or idea, and the woman is bias towards the idea of kids on leashes because she doesn't approve. Humans are often extremely prejudice in their behavior towards certain events, people, and
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