The Role Of Social Class In The Great Gatsby

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In today's time period, there are three main classes to categorize people. There are the poverty-stricken class, the middle class, and the wealthy class. A person from each class would think differently from the other classes as one would not know what the other has or does not have. There is a feeling each person can exhibit, and that feeling is love. Every person has felt love in one way or another. In the novel, The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, we see the goals of multiple characters influence the text of the novel from love and money. Nick Carraway is the main character in the novel who tells his story of a man named Jay Gatsby. Compared to Gatsby, Nick is a humble person. One of his goals to life is to follow the advice of his father. "'Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone,' he told me, 'just remember that all…show more content…
The characters go from loving one another to only being together because of the money and wealth the other can provide. Gatsby's lifestyle contributes to money but he also goes for love as he tries his best to get Daisy to be with him again. These two factors play heavily on the text and the chapters themselves. Love and money appear in the novel constantly and are often the main cause of conflict as one character's actions might be shaped by the two causes. The characters affect the theme as they continue through life trying to live out their goals and lifestyles. In any case, the readers see that love and money are main contributors to the text. The goals and lifestyle of the characters influence the theme and meaning of the text. Each chapter either is mainly about love or money is involved one way or another. Nick and Gatsby have taught the readers about being humble and being in love. Love could cause people to be blind, and money can cause people to be reckless and snotty. Therefore, these two contributors are inputs to the output of the
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