The Role Of Social Environment On Children 's Life

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Parents are by far the most important influences in a child 's life. Their support plays a vital role at all levels of education. According to Vygotsky (1978) sociocultural theory, it states that learning is strongly determined by the social interactions, which take place in meaningful contexts (as cited by A Noi, 2012, p. 4). In this aspect, the family members and people in the child’s immediate environment, thus constitute an important social environment for the child’s learning and evolution. It has been noted that learning in the family or with family members is probably one of the most essential of all educational experiences of an individual. Since the parent is generally not equipped with pedagogical knowledge and skill to understand how to plan and maintain a curriculum, I consider a role for parents, in creating and maintain should be more of an advisory. Schools can engage parents in aiding to create and support curriculum through a School Leadership Team (SLT) and Parent-teacher Associations (PTA). The SLT is a ruling body that includes parents, teachers, and others, and they can be used to develop and maintain curriculum and can be used as an administrative group to measure achievement and progress, to analyzing actionable problems and solutions. For example, unitary of the school goals can be to assess the potential for a foreign language program. The SLT committee researching the possible extra-curricular and curricular programs by surveying parents,
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