The Role Of Social Media On Healthcare

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INTRODUCTION The healthcare industry is slowly embracing and recognizing the importance and power of social media. Millions of people of all ages go online each day, to seek information, do online research, share photos, write blogs, watch videos, play online games, and so much more. Many healthcare businesses have already, or are starting, to create an online presence to capture the millions of people that go online every day. Social media can help healthcare professionals and organizations to promote and advertise their products and services locally and globally. Different healthcare social media sites make it easier for consumers to locate the products and/or services they want to find. Successful healthcare social media sites are designed to be engaging, interactive and to create positive relationships with existing consumers. Then, potential new clients can make better purchasing decisions based on the first-hand experience from others who have personal knowledge of the product or service. ROLE OF HEALTHCARE SOCIAL MEDIA The role of social media in healthcare follows the same principles as most other industries in terms of mass communication, global reach, engagement, and instantaneous feedback from and to a relevant group of people. In short, the healthcare social media platform is an effective, low cost method to share information, create communities, and maintain relationships with key groups. The Executive Director of Deloitte
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