The Role Of Social Networking Platform

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Introduction: In today’s world, it is not difficult to find people, especially young adults, staring at their smartphone screen everywhere they go. Especially the social media platform Facebook has started to become an essential part of everyone’s daily life as one of the most influential communication tools. Beyond the role of social networking platform where you find your high school classmates, Facebook has evolved to a “mass communication media” that impacts both economic and political activities. Examples of Facebook influencing the study of International Political Economy are plenty and prevalent, including its roles in spreading information about jobs and wage information, discovering new products and services, sharing reviews on…show more content…
Hong Kong’s sophisticated telecommunication infrastructural development has created Hong Kong to be the major hub of Facebook and now more than three in five people in Hong Kong are Facebook users. According to the online survey conducted by the social media statistics provider, the largest age group of Facebook users in Hong Kong is young adults age 25 to 34, followed by teenagers of 18 to 24 . The statistics show that Hong Kong’s Facebook users spend an average of 30 minutes a day which translates to Facebook usage among teenagers and young adults in Hong Kong is rising to a point where it is creating concerns . 44% of Hong Kong Facebook users have admitted that Facebook has been their first point of contact in reading breaking news . According to TNS Global Market Research, the rise in high usage of Facebook usage is “alarming” as the “exposure to information is no longer about consumers consuming media, but they are being forced, in that they are being exposed to it when they open up Facebook” . In 2012, the University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business has come up with research that Facebook has a higher level of addictiveness compared to drugs like alcohol and tobacco . According to Hong Kong International Statistics, most
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