The Role Of Socioeconomic Status And Behavior As Determinants Of Health

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As a native born African-Ghanaian, I have lived in an underserved community in Ghana where there is a disproportionate burden of disease, so I understand the role of socioeconomic status and behavior as determinants of health. This inspires me to pursue a career in public health where I can help to control epidemics in Africa and other underserved communities worldwide.
My career interest is to work in conjunction with non-profit organizations to research the etiology of diseases, distribution, and preventive measures, and to increase public awareness through health education. My ultimate goal is to team up with health professionals and policy makers to help eliminate health disparities in the world. Based on the knowledge and experience I intend to gain, I am very optimistic that I will be able to make rational proposals and write grants that will improve health policies and interventions.
My interest in disease prevention and control motivated me to study Public Health as my undergraduate program at Temple University. During my undergraduate course work, I developed a great interest in the field of epidemiology due to a strong passion for health-related research. My research area of interest is to analyze and simplify the mechanism of the pathogenesis of hypertension and other vascular abnormalities affecting minority populations, particularly African Americans. I am interested in understanding the determinants of hypertension, especially the role of exercise, nutrition,
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