The Role Of Sociology And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Sociology is an important term to understand as it explains social life, behavior, and change. Everything that individuals, groups, companies, and even nations do shapes our world and how we interact with others. With that in mind, there are many things that shape society and the groups within it like culture, race, gender, family, groups and organizations, education, and the ever changing norms that we associate with in everyday life. A lot of these norms are influenced by the media. Television shows, movies, music, and celebrities impact individual lives every single day and because of our interaction with other people, media can easily change our society. As it can have such an impact, it is good to look into the sociology that is hidden in movies so we can understand the changes that happen around us. Even though some movies are very realistic and true to the world we live in, some are not, but this does not mean that we cannot sociologically study it. Lilo & Stitch is one example of a movie that is not very realistic but there are many aspects in the movie that are true to society that can be illuminated sociologically. Lilo & Stitch takes place in a small town on an island in Hawaii where a little girl named Lilo eventually befriends an alien who she comes to name Stitch. The movie starts out at a galactic federation headquarters in space where they are holding a trial for Jumba, the so called evil creator of experiment 626, also known as Stitch. He explains that he…
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