The Role Of Sports In Society

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Sports is language, tradition, and community. From the late nineteenth century to present day, college and professional sports have helped build communities and help mold the American identity on the bare ground level. These pastimes make society peaceful, socially cohesive, and more equal. Throughout American history, sports have played a role in economic development, having sociological impacts in different regions and have also influenced politics.
Professional and amateur sports have built regional fandoms across North America. The fans of all ethnicities and races come together and unite to support their team whether its “Football Sunday” or “NBA Saturday”. Sports enhance our understanding of the gender roles and socio-economic issues that help frame identity in every community (What Is the Role of Sports in Society?). More than three-fifths of adults in the general population are involved in sports-related activities. Additionally, one-quarter are actively engaged in a sport as participants, parents of children in a sport, coaches, or volunteers (Boxill et al 10). One’s favored team provides a link to overall social structure and a feel of togetherness This creates a network of relationships throughout a community that connects one person to another through sports. Engagement rates of sports are highest among men and high-income households(Boxill et al 10). As reflected in America’s society, men are the dominant group in sports as they are most likely the coaches of
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