The Role Of Sports Participation And Deviance

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Chapter One (The Problem) Sport activity is largely appealing to young adolescents in today’s society. Athletics creates the desire for many to pursue healthy lifestyles and motivation to compete within rules and regulations. The appeal also exists to create a positive influence on adolescents as well as create a deterrence from deviance. Though sports may not prove to be a deviant deterrent for youth today, it is important to determine whether structure and organization within a sport will help adolescents find social construction. In doing so, this will help adolescents create a healthy and productive life without social deviance. It is imperative that youth find a way to develop cognitive skills, cultivate mature emotions, and find empowerment within themselves. This can only be done through positive internal and external factors, such as parents, teachers, coaches, and other constructive role models. Through hypothesis, the relationship between sports participation and deviance varies by athletic involvement. It is believed that through the given structure of sports participation, youth will discover cognitive skills, empowerment, and mature character that will teach them to enhance their talents and contribute to a healthy, non-deviant lifestyle. Chapter Two (Review of the Literature) Due to youth violence becoming more and more progressive, according to Moesch, Birrer and Seiler (2010), youth violence has become a major concern, with media reports
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