The Role Of Stakeholders Of Real Property Valuation

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4.3.2. Responsible bodies of real property valuation
In Ethiopia, there are many activities done by stakeholder offices, for example, on the issue of unemployment, trade, transport, etc. When we see the style of stakeholders on these issues, all of the offices have their own office which has mission, vision, and Goal. Whereas, they work together on some portion of their responsibility. On the aspect of stakeholders, leaders of Gimbi town administration responded that Stakeholders of compensation during expropriation mainly includes: Gimbi town administration, Gimbi town Land Development and Management office, Gimbi town Municipality, Gimbi town construction office, and extends to the kebele according to its importance . From the discussion
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Chamala (1995) recognized efficiency benefits from participation, by stating that ‘involving stakeholders and empowering community participants in programs at all levels, from local to national, provide a more effective path for solving sustainable resource management issues’. When people participate, the development can have sustainability and the community will be benefited in many ways. Some of the main reasons why people are usually willing to participate include: ‘Community participation motivates people to work together, Community and recognize the benefits of their involvement, Social, religious or traditional obligations for mutual help, Genuine community participation’ ( indicates that, involving the community in development activity starts from the plan of the work and goes to the end implementation. It should take place at all level of the community. Even if this is the realty, the households’ response show that the majority of the community was not involved in such opportunity. In this case, (59) respondents which was 73.75% responded as they did not have the experience of awareness in all aspects and in all level. This response does not imply Zero participation of people, it is to mean that starting from the plan up to the end and all aspects to be discussed at all level of the
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