The Role Of Steroids And Performance Enhancement Drugs

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Business ethics, or rather the morals and principles that guides the way a business functions, is an important concept in relation to controversial issues that may arise within the business environment. How a business operates, how business decisions are made, and how the people that are a part of that business are to be treated all comes into focus when an ethical problem arises that needs to be remedied. While some business ethics are enforceable by law, how the different businesses go about practicing their ethics may vary. An example of this can be found in the area of sports. Within sports there are many business policies and practices in regards to controversial issues, however there seems to be serious ethical breaches concerning…show more content…
As stated above, the use of steroids and other performance enhancement drugs is illegal, however many in the sports industry seem to be involved in it use, from the players who take it, to the non-players who advocate its use behind the scenes. The question then becomes why is the taking of steroids unethical? Is it because steroids are illegal? Or is it because they give steroid takers greater performance abilities than those who do not take them? Performance enhancement drugs and steroids also bring up many other ethical concerns, such as if the end justifies the means, how important is winning, what exactly constitutes cheating, and how important it is to follow the rules.
There are those that also point out that steroid’s and performance enhancement drugs are not the only kids of enhancement methods. One of these methods, “such as taking up temporary residence at a very high altitude in order to increase one’s read blood corpuscles, tremble on the edge between tolerated and reprobated methods of improving one’s athletic performance” (Posner). Though not a drug, this describes someone still gaining an unfair advantage over the competition, which is why this is frowned upon, although not as seriously as steroids or drugs. Others also seek to separate sports and real life, meaning that different rules apply. “Some argue for a ‘bracketed morality’ within sports. This
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