The Role Of Successful Leaders And Effective Leadership

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There are multiple ways to describe the role of successful leaders and effective leadership, which are dependent upon the experts view and method of leadership. The foundation of this research focuses on leaders with proven success in their fields, who epitomize effective leadership. In interviewing 125 diverse leaders, Bill George (2015) inferred that “leadership emerges through your life story” (p. 20). Catmull (2014) asserts that great leaders help creative people achieve excellence. Northhouse (2016) contends that leadership is the ability to influence others to accomplish a shared goal. He goes on to explain, effective leadership incorporates skills, traits, actions and awareness of strengths and weakness, qualities that improve and develop with time. I will draw on significant characteristics and endeavor to incorporate elements of effective leadership into the area of higher education to cultivate change and innovation.
Leadership Perspectives Related to Education
Turbulent times in education and rapid and evolving innovation in a predominantly hierarchal system with institutions that have their own culture and personality, requires additional diverse people with distinct views, and multidimensional leaders who have the latitude to make strategic changes (Kotter, 2014; Wilson, 2013). Although the construct and culture of companies like Zappos and Starbucks exemplify effective leadership and innovation, the design and structure do not transition effectively into
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