The Role Of Supervisor And The Supervisor

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The role of the supervisor has never been simplified enough to be clear as to what the responsibilities of the role is. In fact, supervision tends to be a challenging word in the education field and can be accepted by various leaders of a school. Supervisors can simply be supervisors or they can be administrators who are involved in the role of hiring and evaluating their staff. One could even go as far as the master teacher who observes other educators that ensures they are utilizing proper skills and techniques. Supervisors come from various angles, so it comes to no surprise that a supervisor is expected to wear many hats.
Over the course of years, the role of the supervisor has been redefined many times. Various research, studies and articles address the importance of a supervisor and how the importance is valued or defined. Modern supervision is expected to assist and assess the teachers and mold them to become independent, successful educators. My personal experience, my administration has taken that role and my supervisor reviews curriculum. Overall, a supervisor is there to provide the support necessary for the teacher and the success of instruction in the class. In any scenario, the supervisor is expected to direct and ensure that the teacher is continuously learning. They should also be involved in a collaborative relationship with the educator so that communication is open and growing. This should be where the supervisor validates the progress and identifies…

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