The Role Of Supportive Relationships Of The Maternal Caregiver, And Community Violence

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1. What is the design and how does the design related to the goals of the study? The design was longitudinal, and this design relates to the goals of the study because the goals of the study were to see the effects of supportive relationships of the maternal caregiver, and community violence had on CU traits within the youth studied. This design was used because it studied the participants over time and has the potential to provide vast information on this subject. 2. How were the participants assigned to groups or conditions? N/A 3. How many groups were included in the design? There were four groups, one at each wave of the study. 4. How were the groups similar and different in how they were treated in the study? Every participant in…show more content…
The violent exposure measure has been widely used and validated (cf., Fowler, Tompsett, Braciszewski, Jacques-Tiura & Baltes, 2009) The measures for relationships with caregivers were found to have good reliability and validity. (Furman &Buhrmester, 1985) The callous-unemotional measure was found to have good reliability and validity by (Essau et al., 2006). 3. Were multiple measures and methods used to assess the constructs? Yes. 4. Are response sets or styles relevant to the use and interpretation of the data? Yes. 5. How was the assessment conducted? By Whom? In what order were the measures administered? The assessments were administered in the home of the participant in survey form, by the trained interviewers. First the interviewer asked about demographics, age, sex, etc. Then the surveys about violence exposure and supportive relationship with caregivers, only at the last wave of the study was the Inventory of Callous-Unemotional Traits administered to the participants. 6. If judges were used in any facet of assessment what is the reliability in rendering their judgments? N/A Procedures: 1. Where was the study conducted? The study was primarily conducted in the participant’s homes. 2. What materials, equipment, or apparatuses were used in the study? The participants gave information on their age, ethnicity, and sex, while the maternal caregivers gave information on income, their
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