The Role Of Systemic Factors On The Mental Health And Education System

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Systemic Factors

Homework 2: Systemic Factors
Sophia Henry
American Public University

From the beginning people have treated those who are of color differently. Because of the racism and injustice of minorities prejudice started to happen. Minorities and especially African Americans was not treated as equals. Counselors and educators were not trained properly on how to counsel or teach a person of color. It was not their fault it was the fault of the system. There were people who made up false ideas about minorities. Those things were then passed a long to those who were in school to become teachers, counselors, and even the community. Because of this there was a divide in the mental health and education system between minorities and whites. In this paper I will discuss what role systemic factors play in the mental health and education system. I will also provide some examples of problems and concerns of minority groups that are related to systemic and external forces and the role of the counselor in addressing them from a social justice orientation.??

Systemic Factors
Over the year?s minorities have been treated differently in America. There was a point in time when people did not understand people of color and even made assumptions about them. Because of this systemic factors have been established both in the mental health and education system. Counselors had their own perception…
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