The Role Of Teachers Influence Students ' Learning

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about what keeps women from advancing into the highest levels of leadership, we believe that the focus needs to be on the organizational and societal levels not the individual level” (p. 2). Again, it is stated that men are in power, and the people in society need to change the way others think. Once society is able to change the way of the thinking, the more likely one will less likely to stereotypes. Equality is highly important, and businesses are shifting towards equality however, it will take time in order to shift/ conjoin roles completely. Now we are going to explore teacher and student norms and roles in classroom settings. According to Phillippo (2013), “in recent years, academic, policy and popular discussions about education have increasingly emphasized teachers ' central role in promoting student academic growth” (p. 358). The roles of teachers influence students’ learning. Teacher roles have tended to focus on the curricular instruction of students within classrooms. They are also expected to plan things for the students. They create lesson plans, activities, and more. Teachers must be leaders in the classroom and in the school so they can earn the respect of students by setting a positive example. They must discipline students, distributing fair and consistent punishments to students who break the rules. At the same time, teachers must show care and concern for students. Phillippo notes, “teacher support appears most potent when paired with emphasis on
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