The Role Of Team Leader And Umcg

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What skills do you think you can bring to the role of Team Leader and UMCG? A skill I can bring as a team leader is my ability to guide students through complex problems. Something I liked about my leader’s style was that she wouldn’t simply give out the answers when we were struggling. Instead she would try to guide us, and offer occasional hints. I personally felt this was the best approach, as it forced us to think and develop our problem solving skills. By the end of the semester everyone’s ability to critically analyze business problems improved significantly. As a PASS Leader, I ran my sessions in a similar way. Often students would ask for the answers, but I always asked probing questions, so they were able to apply their existing…show more content…
I would always give them the opportunity to justify their solution, and give feedback based on its merits. I am ready to adapt to these situations, even if the solution isn’t presented in the case brief. I will also make sure that other team members gain the benefit of this diversity by letting the person with the unique idea explain this to everyone. This can provide a fresh perspective, and make everyone more knowledgeable. Why do you wish to apply for the role of UMCG Team Leader? Having been an UMCG Consultant last semester, I’ve experienced first hand the benefits that this program offers. The weekly practice sessions have given me the opportunity to consistently develop my consulting skills, which I have been able to apply to uni work and case competitions. However, I know that without a dedicated team leader all this wouldn’t be possible. I would love to have the opportunity to give future team members the same opportunities I had, and apply the lessons I learnt to make it the best experience possible. What really attracts me to this role is the two-way relationship. Something I’ve noticed throughout university is the saying ‘you get out what you put in’ truly resonates. Whilst, I have enjoyed my time as a consultant, I desire to put in more and gain more. As a team leader, I will be taking on more responsibility, and guide the

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