The Role Of Technology In The Future Of Education

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Since its conception, technology has brought about change in life and more importantly the education of students in the classroom. Technology in the public education system has been a heated debate for many years. The main problem is not whether or not technology can help teach students in the modern classroom, but rather how teachers and students alike use that technology to further the learning process in the classroom. The balance of technology and how to best incorporate that technology is the issue facing classrooms today. There are many best practices and ways ahead regarding the use of technology in the classroom that relate to teachers and standards, curriculum/ instruction, diversity and inclusion, bilingual/ ELL and special education. All these current issues facing the future of education play a part in how to best use technology in the classroom.
As a future educator my views of the future of education are varied based on how I would most like to touch the students in my classroom and ensure they are ready for the ever-changing world after their education. Education must be the foundation of how they learn and more importantly what they learn to make them successful later in life. Technology is a tool to help students gain the knowledge and skills needed to make them successful. Technology is needed in the classroom to ensure the students success, but they also must not become so reliant on the technology that they lose their self-identity or the
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