The Role Of Technology On Agriculture, Culturally.

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Role of Technology in Agriculture, Culturally.
For the past decades, many inventions were made while some were a failure and some were a success. Humans have developed new techniques to cope up with the changing generations. The population has also had a severe impact on the human culture which has indirectly led to a shortage of land. Human species who are fully dependent on the land, especially, farmers should adopt new technology, should develop new techniques for better farming and must act equally among the genders.
Machinery in Agriculture:
In olden days, farmers used to plow their field by outdated tools which caused less production of crops. Agriculture is the absolute backbone of the growing population. Not only the growing population has caused an increase in covering of the land, but it had also increased the food demand. Everything is linked and supported by one another views, it depends on how a person shows direct response in this logical sense, it may not be important, and however, it should be reasonable and consistent with the people (Smith, n. d., pp.75).
Poverty is a serious issue which the governments of undeveloped countries are mainly concerned about. Bill Gates responded to G8 food security issue presented by president Obama that it was wise of being allied with the government of Africa for targeting food issue, it will also clear the global nutrition problem and cooperation with ingenious thinking helped the small landholder farmers…
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