The Role Of Teens, And Teen Stereotypes In The Breakfast Club

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The Breakfast Club was an extraordinary film that dealt with teenagers in detention. Although it looked like a regular movie, it had deep meanings involved with it. The movie showcases a circle of teens who are completely different from each other. At first they didn’t interact with one another, but as the movie goes on they begin to become close friends. The Breakfast Club does a great job at exemplifying the dynamics of a group in society because there are so many associations of people who interact with each other even if the interests are completely different. The characters in the movie move from an out group to an in group because they all felt like outsiders towards each other, but as time was going on in detention they were starting to really like each other. They became an in group towards the end of the movie because they made their own grouping, which they referred to it as “The Breakfast Club”. When each of the students came into detention, they each had their own identities and their own underlying issues that no one knew about. When they started to open up and grow closer with each other, their identities changed all together. They were beginning to show their real personalities within each other and at the end of the film they all embraced who they really were on the inside and who everyone else was. In every high school film, there are always the teenage stereotypes that are seen. In The Breakfast Club, the five students each represented the major stereotypes that people join with high school. Claire was considered the preppy popular girl, John was considered the bad boy, Allison was considered the weird emo girl, Andrew was considered the school’s best athlete and jock, and lastly Brian was the nerd. The crazy thing about this was that those stereotypes didn't even match the students, those stereotypes are what they used to hide their real identities. John wasn’t the real bad boy, he was insecure and scared. Claire didn't like being popular because she hated to agree with everyone, she wanted to be herself but she couldn't around certain people. Brian didn’t want to be the nerd, but his parents made him become one. Brian was just as cool and chill as the other students but he could never show

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