The Role Of Television Show Plays On The Portrayal Of The Modern Family Set Up

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TV Analysis Paper This paper seeks to identify the role television show plays in regards to the exposing of the modern family set-up, the relationships and the effects that producers want to instill in their viewers. Three shows are selected as well as three episodes from each of the three shows critically analyzed. In the first show, George Lopez; the first few episodes introduce him as a fictionalized personality of himself. He is working at Power Bros and still has the responsibility of raising a family that comprises of the wife, a daughter and a son. He has a bitter childhood life under a poor parenthood by an alcoholic, careless and remorseless mother called Benny. His family consists of Angie-his wife, Carmen-daughter and Max-son.…show more content…
The daughters, to whom he takes the dual responsibilities of both a father and a mother, are Michelle Tanner, Stephanie and Donna Jo. Danny requests his allies to stay with them in one house. Two people, Jesse Katsopolis and Joey Gladstone agree to move in with him. Jesse is his brother-in-law and a rock musician by profession whereas Gladstone is a comedian and a best friend. A co-host to Danny called Rebecca Donaldson gets married to Jesse later on in the show and they get blessed with two children. The twins are Nicholas and Alexander. Hence, In Full House, Davy Tamer is a widowed father who must take care of his three little girls. He asks for help from Cladstone and Katsopolis to take care of the children.
In Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Will Smith is sent to live with his aunt in Beverly Hills. This represents a switch in social classes. He clashes with lifestyles and he gets entangled in a conflict with his uncle. The most applicable theory in this case is the standpoint theory of communication. This theory is a modern approach on the perceptions of people and their options. It focuses on gender, specifically on feminist viewpoints. In modern societies, the theory is applicable in creating awareness among the marginalized groups as well as evaluating individuals and how they fight for their rights (Harding 12). Women, youth and generally the minority in America belong to this group. Women empowerment is a key concept in this theory.
In considering women in the
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