The Role Of Terrorism And International Terrorism

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Terrorism will be used to describe violent actions against groups of people or a nation, towards a political end, by non-state groups, for the purpose of this paper . With the focus will be on cross-broader terrorism rather than domestic terrorism. In regards to terrorist organisations, there is an unprecedented need for a continuous flow of funding and the need for the immediate transfer of these funds internationally. Funding is of paramount importance to terrorist groups in order for them to carry out violent and horrific attacks on civilians of a foreign nation. The restriction of the source and the transfer of these funds is as effective, in the reduction of terrorism, as police actions . Therefore, the interception, monitoring and control of terrorist financing is crucial to resisting terror. However, it is immensely difficult to detect and timely report the financial transactions on an international scale and to hinder terrorist groups and its supporters from accessing international financial markets . This dissertation aims at exploring these problem from the viewpoint of financial regulations.

The first part of this dissertation will be a look into the creation and reform of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing policies after the 9/11 attacks. The September 11 attacks did not only have a profound influence over national security and foreign policy but it also dramatically impacted on financial markets on a global scale. The world not only
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