The Role Of Terrorists In American History

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Paine claims that the people of America are in unison with each other,because of all of the different languages and cultures. But in reality America’s people couldn't be more not in unison America has a lot of history with not being in unison with each other, which is why civil rights is a perfect example to show that we, the American people, are not in unison. For many decades African Americans were slaves to the whites. We mistreated them and with us mistreating them it caused the civil war. Even today some people still struggle with treating African Americans with the same respect as they do others. Terrorist are a problem in America and throughout the world, people in America are quick to judge people in their looks and where they come from. So if someone looks like they are from Isis or they are from there or any other place that has a lot of terrorist. We immediately think that they are terrorist and don't treat them with the same respect we give others. In American history we have many problems besides civil rights and terrorist problems that show that we are not a unified country. Sports started out as a way for Americans to have fun while they were not working, but as…show more content…
You may get good or horrible feedback, but you at least helped someone out there in the big world feel better about themselves even if it means bringing yourself down. When a celebrity puts something online that has to do with something serious, they get people calling them liars or horrible people that shouldn't be on this earth, but then there are those few people who are in similar situations with them and it helps them. A Lot of those people saying horrible things to others who are being brave and putting themselves out there are indeed Americans, we think that just because we are hiding behind a screen means that it will not hurt the other people. America is not even in unison with other
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