The Role Of The Civil Rights Movement In The 1960s

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The 1960s were a pivotal time in United States history, especially regarding changes in civils rights. Using peaceful, nonviolent methods blacks used sit-ins and Freedom Rides as ways to force society to decide that segregation was wrong and, therefore, must be terminated. Regardless of the many obstacles that were in their way, they stayed resolute in becoming a major force in the Civil Rights Movement. In Nashville, Tennessee, black students, tired of their treatment wanted to make changes and were drawn to Jim Lawson’s nonviolent workshops. John Lewis, Angela Butler, and Diane Nash led the first of many sit-ins, peacefully taking a spot at the lunch counter and doing homework since they were refused service. Nothing happened that day other…show more content…
Kennedy. After months of waiting, CORE, the Congress of Racial Equality, developed an idea to pressure JFK to follow through on his promises; Freedom Rides. The Freedom Rides were set up to have an interracial group ride buses throughout the South, with each “color” taking the place designated for the other; whites sat in the back and used black waiting areas while blacks sat in the front and used white only areas. This ultimately led to multiple episodes of violence; the involvement of Federal Marshals, under the orders of State Attorney General, Robert Kennedy; Governor Patterson declaring martial law and calling in the State Police and Alabama National Guard; and a deal made between Robert Kennedy and the state of Mississippi that lead to the arrest and 60-day maximum security prison sentence for the Freedom Riders. Robert Kennedy petitioned the ICC, Interstate Commerce Commission, to issue regulations banning segregation in interstate travel, which they finally did in late September 1961. The student movement, though suffering many trials and tribulations were essential in creating changes during the Civil Rights Movement. Without their bravery and steadfast…show more content…
It amazes me, looking at things through eyes decades later, how ridiculous and entitled the views of many Southern whites were at that time. It didn’t matter to this woman the immorality of the behaviors towards blacks, how dare they affect her life with their resistance. Another was the FBI having information regarding the plan of the KKK to attack the freedom riders in Birmingham, and possibly Anniston, yet doing nothing about it. It is horrible enough that a blind eye was being turned from those in power in the South, although not right, these people grew up socialized to have particular views and feelings towards blacks, so it is more understandable (sociologically speaking, not morally) that they would behave that way. However, the FBI, a government agency ignoring information that not only allowed but seemingly validated, through their inaction, is wrong on so many
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