The Role Of The Complex And Communication System

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Anthony Robbins, an advisor to global leaders who has achieved many goals, states, “to effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others (About, 2014).” Comparing Robbins’ statement of leadership and communication between others to the role of leadership in the healthcare system, it is similar in ways that fit into a complex system that includes all healthcare professionals and the communication system between them. One important component of the complex and communication system is nurse leaders. A nurse leader is defined as a well-rounded person, who is empathetic, compassionate and respectful, while having the ability…show more content…
The Meaning of Complex Adaptive Systems
The complex adaptive systems, according to Thomas Clancy (2008), registered nurse and practitioner, are a combination of several systems or networks of people that “can learn and adapt over time” that may “change the structure of the system (p 249).” These systems are interdependent of each other, therefore a change in one system or network would change another system.
The complex adaptive systems are characterized by self-organization, emergence, non-linearity, chaos, and turbulence. Self-organization is forming teams within the unit through interaction and “without the guidance or influence from an outside source (Clancy, 2008, p 252).” An example of self-organization is when nurses form into teams that rapidly respond to emergencies due to an introduction of a mobile personal communication devices (Clancy, 2008, p 252). As a result of self-organization, emergence is created, which is the pattern or order of a behavior. For instance, the pattern of when medication administration occurs is an emergence since each nurse administer medications to patients are a specific range of time as well as how each nurse behaves in front of the patient before giving the medication. The characteristics, non-linearity and chaos, goes hand-in-hand as non-linearity shows that a system behavior can be non-linear as the stimulus and the response can be different and not equal, while chaos
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