The Role Of The Father Has Changed Today 's Society

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In today’s society the role of the father has changed many times throughout history. The expectations and views that our society has about fathers and fatherhood have changed dramatically in the last few decades. In the past fathers assumed the role of the breadwinner and disciplinarians while the mother’s where in charge of the upbringing of his children.
The expectations of fathers as presented by the media is that they become more than breadwinner of the family. As a man become a father he must expect that his life will change such as prioritizing his time and engaging more with his children. If a man is serious about fatherhood they need to know how equally important to the well-being and development of their child. Fathers are urged to perform different task that is normally left up to a mother. One of these task are that fathers become more involved in their children’s life. For example in Modern Family Phil Dunphy is a Realtor but also priorities his time to be with his children. This is especially shown with regards to his son. A responsible and serious father doesn’t mean the mother will be forgotten. However, it mean that fathers are attempting to become nurtures, protectors and providers as a mother would do too. It is also important for fathers to be a part of their children’s life due to many growing to become thugs and abandoning their own children. In the last 50 years, fathers have taken on more child care and housework, though women still do the majority,…
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