The Role Of The Feminist Movement In America

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Despite American beliefs, in the last 50 years, society has become more tolerant to previously taboo lifestyles. We are more understanding to different races, the homosexual community, and feminism. Until the 1950’s, African Americans, the homosexual community, and the feminist movement were discriminated against. Thanks to all of those communities taking a stand, however, American and national societies are more open to these communities than ever.
Until the mid-1950’s, African American’s and whites were segregated. They were not allowed to eat, sit, or even sit in the same section in buses together. Today, however, tension between the whites and the African Americans are rated all-time low. For example, over the years, the blacks and whites
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The feminist movement refers to a series of campaigns for reforms on issues such as reproductive rights, domestic violence, maternity leave, equal pay, women's suffrage, sexual harassment, and sexual violence. During the early years of America, and even today, women now has their rights to stand up for what they believe in and be heard. Since they have this right, this has caused women to start protests, riots, and all other events because they have the right and freedom to speak their opinion. In the year of 1920, the nineteenth amendment granted women the right to vote. Since then, women have been fighting for equality. Organizations that are similar with the feminist movement are fighting more for women having more and equal rights in the nation. They feel like the rights they have now are not good enough for their actions and that they need better for giving them equality. That is what they believe in from their point of view, which is the main reason that causes them to come up with the organization to fight for their rights and what they believe…show more content…
Most of the time, the country that they have come from, does not have the education that we have here in the United States. There are a lot more opportunities for them to have than what they had in the country they have come from. In 2014, 10.5 million immigrants had a college degree or higher. Immigrants were also accounted for sixteen percent of all employed workers. Immigrants with higher education has grown more than twice the rate of the same population among the United States alone. Also, immigrant students are more confident in class because the students and teachers around them are more accepting, which makes them learn better and earn their education easier for not just the immigrants, but us Americans as well. The reason immigrants seek education here in the United States is because there are a lot more job opportunities here than what they have where they came from, so they go to college to better themselves. According to Rebeca Trejo, “In 1982, the Supreme Court ruled that the United States is required to finance the education of all students in grades K-12, regardless of their immigration
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