The Role Of The Green Man In Celtic Mythology

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The rideshare's name was Eris and she arrived in my driveway with a large Norwalk juicer, three hardshell oversized suitcases and any number of bags. She stood leaning on her cane smoking her organic cigarette out of a long glass holder while her friend and I loaded her stuff in and on top of the van in the pouring rain. She had green dreadlocks that reached the ground, a green leaf tattooed mustache and forehead, nose rings, piercings, a fuzzy black beard and bulbous horn earrings. She had been on retreat on Texada from Oakland Ca....the Green Man in Celtic Mythology, a radical fairy (a counter culture movement formed in the 70's "redefining queer consciousness through pagan rituals and anti establishment ideals") a pagan minister, Buddhist
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