The Role Of The Manorial System In Medieval Europe

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The manor system and the lady of the manor both had significant roles in medieval Europe and helped Europe’s economy survive after the fall of the Roman Empire. The manor system, also referred to as manorialism, developed after the fall of the Roman Empire when, without any centralized government to run everyone, people felt a lack of security, especially serfs. Serfs eventually graduated back to the land they once worked because the did not know where else to go. As agricultural developments such as the three field system and the iron plow arose, people started to realize how valuable manors were, and they started to pop up around medieval Europe. The manor system offered stability and provided serfs with a place to live and basic protection,…show more content…
During the Middle Ages, the manor was the heart of medieval economy, and it was completely self-sufficient. Everything that people needed to survive, such as food, clothes, housing, and any other goods and services were provided for by the manor and by the people living on the manor (Harpur, pp. 54-55). Today, however, countries are not self-sufficient. Many countries produce a variety of things ranging from agricultural products to textile goods, but they do not have everything that people need to survive. Therefore most countries today rely on trade to keep their economies running and provide for their people. Take the Untied States for example. According to the Office of the United States Trade Representative, “Trade is crucial to America’s prosperity- fueling economic growth, supporting good jobs at home, raising living standards and helping Americans provide for their families with affordable goods and services” (Benefits). America’s economy relies on trade to keep the country running (Benefits), much like many other countries. Ladies of the manor also have connections to the present as well. During the Middle Ages women did not receive an education and were not expected to do many things other than have children and take care of the household. However, a lady of a manor was in charge of many responsibilities when her husband was away…show more content…
The manor system helped slaves find a sense of security (Blackwell), provided people with places to live and work, and helped Europe’s economy survive after the fall of the Roman Empire. Ladies of nobility during the time helped keep their husband’s manors running while they were away (Alchin 1), made sure the entire household was taken care of (Alchin 1), and preserved and increased the value of the manor (Dean, pp. 56-68). Also, many connections can be made to the present, both about manorialism and the lady of the manor, because of the successful example they presented during the Middle Ages in Europe. After the fall of the Roman Empire, manorialism gave people hope for the future and helped improve the lives of
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