The Role Of The Narrator In Sheila's Love

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The narrator is in “love” with this girl named Sheila and has the courage to ask her on a date. He asks her to the fair, and she says yes. He fixes the boat, cleans it, puts pillows in the canoe, just incase she wants to lay down or something. She comes, gets in the canoe and goes on their way. Sheila talks and complains, and the narrator catches a fish, maybe the biggest bass he has ever seen, or ever had the chance to catch. The fish tries to escape, and then, they have to go through the sandbar, and he knows that he could easily lose the fish. As he gets past the sandbar, he has a feeling that he lost the fish, but he has to check the pole anyways, and he does. He checks the pole but the fish is still there. He also realizes he needs
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