The Role Of The Nurse As Leading Health Promotion Within A Psychiatric Setting

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Within this essay I aim to evaluate the role of the nurse in leading health promotion, with reference to The World Health Organisation’s “Health for All by the Year 2000” movement (WHO 1986a). I will also explore more recent strategies and initiatives such as The Quality Strategy (2010a) and The 2020 Vision (2011a) which underpin the significance of health promotion in present-day nursing practice. I have chosen to look specifically at the role of the nurse in promoting good physical health within a psychiatric setting. I will explore some of the key health issues which are common amongst patients within a mental health setting, such as weight gain, poor diet and exercise and discuss the importance of nurse lead health promotion within the psychiatric setting. I will identify the barriers to health promotion and discuss ways in which these may be overcome to ensure effective health promotion.

The “Health for All by the Year 2000” movement was developed by The World Health Organisation with the aim to promote health and provide an improved quality of life worldwide (WHO 1986b). The World Health Organisation later developed a set of standards for delivering health promotion. These standards state that patient’s must be provided with information on important issues regarding their illness or condition and health promotion interventions should be recognised in all service users care pathways. The standards also necessitate that every hospital has a written procedure for health…
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