The Role Of The Nurse Practitioner

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The role of the nurse practitioner continues to change and evolve over time, as human understanding of medicine and medical procedures advance and change. However, one thing has certainly not changed for the nurse practitioner—the nurse practitioner (also called an NP) is responsible for the care and wellbeing of patients. Nurse practitioners provide care within their identified specialty to patients in outpatient clinics, acute care centers, or private offices; they are independent medical professionals, and they are often able to diagnose, prescribe, and treat patients that fall under their particular scope of practice.
Nursing is a career in which the main point is the love to care for others. The most important topic of this career is to acquire the knowledge and the experience needed to provide the best patient’s service and care possible. Because nursing is a very open field in which a person could should what specialty they want to focus on, they have the opportunity to decide if they want to provide a direct or nondirective patient care. It depends on how close the nurse wants to be with patients or what type of care they would like to provide to the patients. This essay focus in the differences between a nurse practitioner and a nurse educator. A nurse play an important part on a patient’s life. Because of the high demand in the nursing field, either a nurse practitioner or a nurse educator are very important in the health care. Each of the two nurses have their…
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