The Role Of The Nurse Within The Care Of The Patient Essay

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Introduction This essay will look at the conflict between the roles of the nurse within the care of the patient in forensic settings (ward), the role will look protecting the public and its demonstration in practice. In this case the care of the forensic mental nurse (FMHN) as a custodian will be examined in relation to the therapeutic relationship establish with the patient in promoting recovery. The writer will critically examine the skills, knowledge, attitudes, qualities and behaviour that helps the FMHN in fulfilling those roles therapeutically. More also the writer will focus his attention on a male secure ward or unit where experience was gained in the past. In addition to that other areas will be explored and reference during the discussion. Forensic is related to the use of scientific knowledge or methods in solving crimes somewhat formal: relating to, used in, or suitable to a court of law (Mariam- Webster, (2015) Forensic nursing is defined as the application of the nursing process to public or legal proceedings, and the application of forensic health care in the scientific investigation of trauma and/or death related to abuse, violence, criminal activity, liability, and accidents (Hammer, 2011, Bader, 2009) Discussion Forensic mental health Nursing (FMHN) have been subject to scrutiny from the public, politicians, and health personnel (Jones et al. 1987; Mason et al. 2008). Their role involves interaction with forensic patients (FP), victims, families, and
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