The Role Of The Oil Boom

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Architecture of a city reflects its way of living and provides insights into the city’s creation and development of how it looks today. Abu Dhabi in the present day is a modern city with tall skyscrapers and wide grid-pattern roads. Being the capital of United Arab Emirates, it is the country’s center of political and industrial activities. As a former desert strip, Abu Dhabi is now known for its greenery and a prosperous city because of its revenues from oil, technology and tourism. In this essay, I will be discussing about how the role of the oil boom played a part in the development in the city’s architecture and whether it has encouraged the economic modernization. Has it lost its traditional heritage by undergoing a marked change into…show more content…
The traditional architecture of the city is resulted in these three factors, the economy, the climate, and the people’s lifestyle. Back in the day, the population of UAE is very unevenly distributed; there is a dense amount of people living in Abu Dhabi due to its abundance of water and palm trees. The construction of forts and citadels were very popular during that era. While forts were being used accommodation, citadels were commonly used as a defensive structure used in more urban or densely populated areas and was associated specifically with a powerful leader. The lower classes lived in houses built with perishable materials such as palm frond and woven palm mat while the higher classes lived in stone, mud brick and coral houses built by professional builders. [1] Figure 1 shows a typical house in a village built using woven palm mats, mostly inhabited by lower class families [2] Another factor that affected the traditional architecture of Abu Dhabi was the climate. Because of its arid climate, one of the solutions was to build wind-towers, which is a concave V-shape to deflect wind down to cool the spaces below it. Buildings were also built close to each other, with narrow alleys between them, called the sikkas. These rely on the northern winds to flow freely and into spaces to ensure ventilation. These two systems would work together, the wind tower catching
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