The Role Of The School Nurse : Improving Health And Wellness

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The Role of the School Nurse: Improving Health and Wellness The school nurse is a vital member of the educational team. “Children with special health care needs (CSHCN) are at risk for school failure when their health needs are not met. Current studies have identified a strong connection between school success and health” (Baker, Hebbler, Davis-Alldritt, Anderson, & Knauer, 2015). The role of the school nurse is multi-faceted and combines clinical and educational aspects. School nurses strive to improve the health and wellness of students and teachers. This is accomplished by providing direct health care, preventative screenings, and health education. Direct Health Care Schools are seeing an increase in the number of students with chronic health conditions. “In order for medically fragile and chronically ill children to receive a comparable education to their healthy peers, a considerable amount and variety of health services must be provided at school” (Lineberry & Ickes, 2015). Having a school nurse to provide direct health care is essential in the management of chronic health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, seizures, and several allergies. The school nurse offers a variety of health services to students and teachers. Basic services include medication administration, assessment of acute illness and injuries, blood pressure and blood glucose monitoring, and emergency care. School nurses also perform more specialized nursing procedures such as tube feedings,
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