The Role Of The Social Worker

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A dignified life is the undeniable right to all members of a community. Regrettably, their is a sizable population of individuals who have difficulty accessing resources that could potentially enhance their opportunity for self determination. Basic human needs and services catalyze dignity and self determination. The role of the social worker is quintessential in connecting individuals in need with helpful and life altering resources. Social workers have the difficult task of developing institutional knowledge of resources and services associated with their field. The task is further compounded with ever changing institutional policies. However, resource allocation is just a one part of the social work profession. Every client has a distinctive need and set of circumstances which require careful inspection. Social workers engage in dynamic problem solving and individual analysis to determine the proper recourse for each and every individual client. Analysis, research, and interviews are paramount in understanding the needs of every client. Aside from an individual evaluation, social workers need to determine the greater conditional forces. Part of the dynamic process is understanding the socio-economic aspect that contributes to inequity. Understanding diversity and socio economic challenges of various group provides context from which the individual’s issues complications can be better assessed. The entirety of this analysis provides an individual with their own

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