The Role Of The Teacher 's Managing Behavior With Reference Too, Teacher Pupil Relationships And The Way They

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Behaviour stems from children actions and decisions, adults use discipline to help children make appropriate decisions about their behaviour (Hayes, 2009). This assignment aims to focus on the role of the teacher in managing behaviour with reference too, teacher-pupil relationships and the way they impact both positively and negatively on individual children, learning through reinforcement/rewards and how they influence children to behave in a particular way, rules and structure in order for children to be more comfortable in their school environment. The teacher is the key person for managing behaviour, the steer report (2005, page 22) cited in (Adams, 2010) states that consistent experience of good teaching promotes good behaviour. However schools also need to have positive strategies for managing pupil behaviour that helps pupils understand their schools expectations. Learning through reinforcement is an effective method of managing behaviour, as everyone knows children love to be rewarded and praised ‘It is recommended that something positive is said to each child at least once a day and that the whole class is praised which is used to motivate the class towards achieving a specific behavioural goal’ (Grigg, 2010). If children show a favourable behaviour then they will be given something they desire (positive reinforcement) if children display unwanted behaviours then they will have something positive taken away from them (negative reinforcement), consequently all
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