The Role Of Theatrical Version Of Carlos Espinal

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After a long absence from the New York scenarios Carlos Espinal is back with his unipersonal Peter El Rojo The Gorilla, which premiered at the Dante Hall Theater in Atlantic City, New Jersey and the National Theater of the Dominican Republic, receiving the best critics from experts on the subject. This time, the New York premiere will take place at the IATI Theater, a well-known cultural institution that has presented dramatic Latin art for over four decades. The famous Franz Kafka story, “A Report to an Academy” narrates in simple words the story of a gorilla, who, after learning how to imitate humans, finds himself receiving a recognition award from the Royal Academy of Sciences. During his acknowledgment speech, we come to meet his origins and the true reasons that lead to his learning how to imitate humans. The theatrical version of Carlos Espinal, takes us even further in our imagination, for this supposed gorilla turned to civilized man, becomes the voice, a desperate cry of exasperation from any person who’s ever been forced to emigrate to foreign lands. The gorilla learns new ways to feel accepted by a society that in fact, already rejects him for the sole reason of being different, or being a “foreigner.” Gorilla Espinal makes us feel the heartaches of a society castrating and full of prejudice, a society that doesn’t forgive that what’s different. It takes us by the hand into a place many have already turned to a home, and many others have visited at some time
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