The Role Of Title Ix Essay

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Sports have been a large part of society throughout history. They have brought out happiness, joy, hard work, determination, and teamwork in the individuals that have participated in them. However, there have been negatives involved with sports throughout history also, including gender roles, which are defined as the public image of being a particular gender that a person presents to others. These roles have been created by society and passed down from generation to generation, informing one another of false beliefs that say that one gender, usually males, are better than females. In sports, these often say that women have significantly lower performance levels, show less drive and that women see competition as unnecessary. In reviewing the initial beliefs and problems before Title IX, the role of Title IX, the problems still existing today, and the modern movement, it is seen that progress has been made, but also that there is also more to do.
Gender roles are developed in the overall spectrum throughout society. This is often developed by children and guided by society by through approval and disapproval of certain actions. This includes actions such as society telling boys that playing with dolls is “girly” (CH. 10.). Society develops these roles, and people that break them are often seen as different and outsiders. These also develop in the society of sport, where values have been traditionally associated with males. As men often did studies with sports, there was

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