The Role Of Traditional Household Gender Roles

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“Gender relations are not confined to the domestic arena — although households constitute an important institutional site on which gender relations are played out — but are made, remade and contested in a range of institutional arenas”(Changing Gender Relations In The Household). In parallel to this statement, women and men have always had their own perceive norm within the household. Women are traditionally homemakers and men assume the sole status of breadwinner. However, in modern day society men are becoming more open to the idea of gender equality in regards to family roles. Mothers and society are socializing individuals with this norm. Currently, there is a gradual transition from a male dominant society to gender equality. This paper will look at the impact of traditional household gender roles by analyzing the following questions:
1. Why is there a gender shift in household gender roles?
2. What is the impact of balancing work and a family?
3. What are the benefits for the family?
4. Is gender equality within a family positively affecting society?
By understanding how this change has come about, predictions can be made to determine how this will impact the future, to see if this will change situations outside of the home that are gender sensitive, and to see if this will give a people a broader perspective to work with.
Why is there a gender shift in household gender roles?
Influenced by the ever changing society, the household gender roles are transforming. Due an
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