The Role Of Understanding Emotions In Autistic Children

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Autism is a lifelong developmental disorder that predominantly affects four times as many boys than girls. Autism is considered a boys disease, leaving a number of girls undiagnosed. Many symptoms include repetitive behaviors, not relating to others, object fixations, however, girls’ symptoms are unique in that they are social able and they don’t fit the norm. The number of children being diagnosed with autism has increased more than ever, as a result, resources needs to be readily available for these families. The rise in the rates in autism has increased from 1 to 68 per child in the United States. A number of reasons such as nutrition, medication, and genetics have also been credited for the rise for autism. According to the DSM-5 (2013), autism has been redefined and ASD is now an umbrella term that includes autism, Retts, Asperger etc. Thanks to the voice of politicians and entertainers, famous people have given autism the awareness it deserves.…show more content…
Provides a focused study of three experiments directly relating to the recognition of standardized facial expressions of emotions as it relates to Autism. The study investigates its findings using six basic emotions, fear, happiness, surprise, anger, disgust and sadness to process its findings against autistics children and normally developing children by using laminated photographed index cards and by asking participant verbally how they felt. In previous studies data revealed that participants with amygdala damage pass basic emotion test, however, they failed to distinguish from emotions such as fear or surprise. In the current study, the children with autism made the same types of errors as the normal develop children with all children having the same difficulty level with the emotions surprise and fear the most difficult on a perpetual
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